Snake Woman en la Yerma

I lived in a room con otras mujeres that worked in the clothes factory tambien. Las otras mujeres, they were not of the two tongues. They had only Espanol, and were lost in the frosty white world fuera de “the brown side of town”, or outside the walls of the factory. Las vidas of those women were narrow, porque no they were lazy or stupid, but because they never had time to look up from their work. From the time they were small to este dia they worked for food for their stomachs and casas for their cabezas y the cabezas of their mamas y papis y tios y tias y hermanos y hermanas y hombres y ninos. Pobrecitas, these peoples, they weighed down on the necks of the women so heavy that they could never look up from el trabajo long enough to see the world around them.

   I had no peoples to hang on my neck. Mi madre, she was con Dios and my father, he was gone to a place that men go when they disappear in la noche. Mi vida, it was as empty as the desert. I was not like these women with their weight and they saw this in me. Cuando I came into the piso they would stop their lenguas morenas porque they saw I was not morena like them. I am amarilla, a yellow Snake Woman and there was no place en las vidas de ellas for me.


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