Work in Progress

   River checked on the unconcious  scavs still bundled in their work clothes. She had to unwrap several layers to find a dog tag on the man. He was Scavenger 11 “Woodsmoke”. Probably named for his looks she thought, noticing the funny brown grayish tint to his skin. Using her thumb she gently pulled up an eyelid and noticed the man’s eyes were almost the exact match of his skin and hair. River hadn’t seen anyone with coloring like that and wondered if it was normal for scavs. He looked healthy in all other regards. The woman’s tag indicated she was Scavenger 12 “Petal”. No obvious meaning to the name, just a healthy, wind burned woman with fair skin and frizzy brown hair. Still, the name bothered River. It was familiar, but she couldn’t think why she should know it.

   River undressed the scavs, marveling at their heavy clothes and strange tools. She had never been outside the building. Judging from all the gear these two carried, it seemed to be a complicated and dangerous affair. Both the man and the woman wore tool belts with loops for knives and hatchets, as well as mysterious little pouches that held powders and flat rocks. The strangest object had been on a loop around the woman’s neck. It was a round disk with a glass top. Under the glass there were the letters NWSE and a thin red pointer that spun and jiggled when she moved it around.  It was like nothing she had seen before.


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