Reading Catch-22 inspired me

Reading Catch-22 inspired me to start a new shorty story tentatively titled “Operation Roger”.  Here’s what I have at the moment:

When the new CEO said that he wanted The Company to run with “military precision” Yolanda knew they were in trouble. The new CEO was middle aged and Dutch. The previous CEO had been old and English. Both CEOs seemed faintly exotic to Yolanda, was young and American and did not posses a Visa.

After work Yolanda went home and told her boyfriend about the changes at her office. Her boyfriend, Todd, was marginally older than Yolanda but felt himself far more worldly, as he had travelled to both Mexico and Canada.

“They own the company now.” She told him.

“Who?” Todd had been playing a video game that required him to steal cars and shoot people.

“The Dutch conglomerate.”

“The Dutch?” Todd asked. “Are they still around?”

“Yes! They bought my company and they have ideas about precision!”

“How does that make you feel?” Todd’s mother was a licensed psychotherapist.

Yolanda wasn’t sure how this made her feel. The old CEO was interested in tradition and values. He made up words like “boundrylessness” and had them emblazoned on pencils and distributed to the staff. As long as the staff graciously accepted their pencils and used them to write memos while remembering to use their made up words, the CEO seemed happy. This did not seem as if it would be how things worked with the new CEO. Yolanda decided that this made her nervous.


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