One year of blogging

Read Write Rhyme is one year old today! I’ll forgo the traditional 1st birthday festivities (but I might smash a little cake in my hair later, just for fun). I’ll just use the occasion to thank everyone for reading and sharing my posts. Thank you, super cool people!

I’ll be back to posting new material next month, but for now I’d like to share a few of the very first entries on this site. Ah, nostalgia…

Snake Woman in La Yerma

Five Unsexy Sex Dreams (possibly NSFW)



4 thoughts on “One year of blogging

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  1. Hello there

    I just randomly stumbled upon this, but your blog looks interesting enough. Color me intrigued, I guess I’ll browse around sooner or later. Oh, and do you really think it’s wise to share sex dreams, no matter how unerotic, on the internet?

    Also, congratulations on the anniversary. See you around.



    1. Hi Joe,

      Glad to hear that you stumbled in to my neck of the woods and decided not to flee. I’ll have to follow up on your site and your work at the Escapist!

      Fear not, the sex dreams are pure fiction. I got the idea after a conversation with friends about some of the “unsexiest sex scenes” in movies. I found it funny that a scene/ story could meet a definition and yet completely fail at the designated goal.

      Thanks again,


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