Q&A: The Novel

Q: You’re writing a novel?
A: Why yes I am, thanks for asking!

Q: What’s it called?
A: The working title is Snake Woman Rain Dance.

Q: What’s it about?
A:  Murder, Mexican folk magic, Aztec gods and wildfires

Q: For reals?
A: For reals.

Q: How much do you have written?
A: 50,000 words (about ½ the book)

Q: Can I read it?
A: When the rough draft is complete I’ll be pushing this story on anyone who is literate and slow moving enough for me to catch.

Q: Is this why you haven’t been updating your blog?
A: Damn your deductive skills! Yes, yes it is.

Q: Does this mean your blog will be lame an dead until you finish said novel?
A: No, I’ll keep posting lists, flash fictions and reviews. The updates will just be happening with less frequency.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions or feel the need to write a rambling and only tangentially related response to this announcement?
A: Use the LEAVE A COMMENT button below. I promise you I’ll read it.


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