San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology Vol. 4

My short story, "Sleepwalking," will be appearing in San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology Vol. 4, edited by Jericho Brown & Laurel Corona.  I'll be attending a release party for the book this evening and I'm excited to see my work in print for the first time!  Contributors to the anthology will be reading excerpts  from... Continue Reading →


Reading Catch-22 inspired me

When the new CEO said that he wanted The Company to run with “military precision” Yolanda knew they were in trouble.

Zombie story rough draft

The sound of a single gunshot woke me from my slumber. The room was dark and I was sweaty from sleeping pressed between two women I barely knew. My internal clock told me it was somewhere in the early hours just before dawn. Even if there had been daylight it couldn’t reach this windowless room deep... Continue Reading →


My bed was sweaty after all my tossing around. I left it to visit the bathroom. I crept down the hallway, past the plastic houseplants and neatly framed photographs until I came to my parents bedroom door. It was slightly ajar. My toes curled deep in the carpet as I tensed, listening to see if our mother was sleeping.... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

   River checked on the unconcious  scavs still bundled in their work clothes. She had to unwrap several layers to find a dog tag on the man. He was Scavenger 11 “Woodsmoke”. Probably named for his looks she thought, noticing the funny brown grayish tint to his skin. Using her thumb she gently pulled up... Continue Reading →

Snake Woman en la Yerma

I lived in a room con otras mujeres that worked in the clothes factory tambien. Las otras mujeres, they were not of the two tongues. They had only Espanol, and were lost in the frosty white world fuera de “the brown side of town”, or outside the walls of the factory. Las vidas of those... Continue Reading →

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