List: Yelp Reviews of Old West Whore Houses

  Miss Kitty’s   (five stars) “Enjoyment is to be had in any of her fine lady-holes. Try them all!” Jolly Jane’s    (four stars) “Good selection of purty girls at a low price. Some has peckers too, but I don’t let that slow me down none.” The Oriental    (two stars) “Fancy furniture and such. The whorin’ weren’t too... Continue Reading →


Why my mother calls me at work

Why my mother calls me at work 1. To complain that my father does not like sweet potatoes. 2. To wish me happy birthday, then argue with me when I inform her it is not my birthday. 3. To ask me if I’m at work. 4. To tell me that my father was lost in the Grand Canyon for... Continue Reading →

Disturbing Product Disclaimers

Packaged in a facility that processes Uranium. Tested on mannequins. Made with water from the finest taps and hoses in Southern California. If rash occurs, discontinue use and make peace with your God immediately. 34% lead-free.

Five Unsexy Sex Dreams

1. My husband opened the envelope. I was too nervous to do it myself. It contained results from my medical tests. “They found it.” he said. “Your mother’s wedding ring has been hidden in your colon since you were a baby!” It all made so much sense. That’s why I didn’t like butt sex. 2.... Continue Reading →

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