Coming soon: The World Needs Bad Men

As many of you know, whenever I’m quiet I’m busy. Lately I’ve been very quiet because I’ve been very busy with my biggest project to date: a collection of essays on True Detective Season 1. I’m still at work on the final pieces of the manuscript, but the book will be coming out this summer from the good folks at Sequart publishing.

Much like my essays already available on Sequart’s site, the book will focus on the genre elements as well as literature, film, musical and comics influences at work in the first season. Adam & Mark Stewart are contributing a excellent piece focusing exclusively on the comics influences and I’ve written a musical appendix listing all of the songs used in the show along with a brief analysis of how they contribute to the scenes in which they appear. Miguel Rodriguez of the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival and podcast also contributed some intriguing film suggestions for our related readings/ viewings appendix.

Stay tuned for more news and a release date!


Bruce Springsteen/ Reason to Believe

I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan for a long time, so when I had an opportunity to take a class based on his songs I couldn’t resist. The class in question was offered at SDSU and focused on a selection of Bruce’s earlier albums.  The class and my classmates were wonderful.  I’m not saying that to be polite – I was going through a rough patch of life at that time.  Studying for class and engaging in lively debate were some of the best (and cheapest) healing tools I found.

The final project for the class was an in-depth analysis of  a single album. My group was assigned Nebraska. It’s a sparse, dark album and the first album that Bruce did solo.  We ended up creating a hypertextual Nebrasklopedia (encylopedia of the Nebraska album) and posting our project on line.  I’m a bit biased, but I thought our project was one  of the best in the class! You can judge for yourself by checking it out here: 


  I have included my favorite piece of  my writing from the project below.

Big thanks to my collaborators on this:  Pete Turner, Jim Ricker, Wayne Sottos, Zac Walsh and Travis McCauley.  You guys rock it til the wee wee hours!

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