Bruce Springsteen/ Reason to Believe

I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan for a long time, so when I had an opportunity to take a class based on his songs I couldn’t resist. The class in question was offered at SDSU and focused on a selection of Bruce’s earlier albums.  The class and my classmates were wonderful.  I’m not saying that to be polite – I was going through a rough patch of life at that time.  Studying for class and engaging in lively debate were some of the best (and cheapest) healing tools I found.

The final project for the class was an in-depth analysis of  a single album. My group was assigned Nebraska. It’s a sparse, dark album and the first album that Bruce did solo.  We ended up creating a hypertextual Nebrasklopedia (encylopedia of the Nebraska album) and posting our project on line.  I’m a bit biased, but I thought our project was one  of the best in the class! You can judge for yourself by checking it out here: 


  I have included my favorite piece of  my writing from the project below.

Big thanks to my collaborators on this:  Pete Turner, Jim Ricker, Wayne Sottos, Zac Walsh and Travis McCauley.  You guys rock it til the wee wee hours!

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