Sick n’ Twisted Interviewee

My friend Christine Pasalo wrote an article about Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted festival of animation and interviewed me! You can read the article here: If you're interested in other cool happenings in San Diego you can check out Christine's blog at:


Nine names to which my dog answers

1. Mister McMutt 2. Professor Puppypants 3. Lieutenant Lickerson 4. Baron von Barksnuff 5. Private Poopsmythe 6. Monsignor Muzzeldrool 7. Sir Sniffgroin 8. Doctor Dribbles 9. Admiral Assdrag

Five Unsexy Sex Dreams

1. My husband opened the envelope. I was too nervous to do it myself. It contained results from my medical tests. “They found it.” he said. “Your mother’s wedding ring has been hidden in your colon since you were a baby!” It all made so much sense. That’s why I didn’t like butt sex. 2.... Continue Reading →

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