Patronage and the Arts

I've always joked about how we need to bring back a patronage system to allow artists the time to create while still having enough funds to fill their bellies. Then this morning, I saw that Jason Shiga, creator of awesome stories like Bookhunter and Meanwhile (which I reviewed here ) is actively seeking patrons at... Continue Reading →


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Youtube

Q: What I have I been watching on Youtube lately? A:  Thug Notes, wherein Sparky Sweets, PhD. is droppin’ knowledge bombs on all y’alls. Each episode provides a succinct summary and accessible analysis of one of literature's biggest ballers. Thug Notes is more than just entertaining – it’s brilliant – and I appreciate the... Continue Reading →

January 2014: The Undeadening

As you may have noticed, this blog has been dead for over a year. Fortunately for me (and hopefully for you), blogs have many stages of deadness and this one was only mostly dead. With a little hard work and some spare parts, I’ll have it alive and kicking again in 2014. You can look... Continue Reading →

Pusher (Wo)Man

In which I answer the age old question, “Where do you find this stuff?”Comic Con 2012 has come and gone, leaving my bookshelves full and my wallet empty. If you haven’t guessed, what I enjoy most about the convention is that it is a cornucopia of new and exciting reading material. Better yet, it’s a... Continue Reading →

San Diego Book Awards 2012

Saturday night Tone and I attended the San Diego Book Awards banquet for the second time. The first time we went was in 2009, when Tone’s manuscript for Picking Up the Ghost was a finalist in the unpublished novel category. This time the published version of Picking Up the Ghost was a finalist in the... Continue Reading →


Title: Daybreak Author/ Artist: Brian Ralph ISBN: 9781770460553 Billed as an art house take on the classic zombie story, Daybreak delivers on that promise. Author/ artist Brian Ralph tells a careful, understated story about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Blood and guts are scarce, but hunger fear and fateful decisions are plentiful in these black and... Continue Reading →

Q&A: The Novel

Q: You’re writing a novel? A: Why yes I am, thanks for asking! Q: What’s it called? A: The working title is Snake Woman Rain Dance. Q: What’s it about? A:  Murder, Mexican folk magic, Aztec gods and wildfires Q: For reals? A: For reals. Q: How much do you have written? A: 50,000 words... Continue Reading →

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