Halloween Flash: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

More macabre flash to keep you creepy until Halloween. I wrote this one about a year ago, but it hasn't been published anywhere. * As You Sow, So Shall You Reap He was screaming when we buried him and he was still screaming when he dug himself up two days later. Now we have to... Continue Reading →


Halloween Flash: True Love

In the spirit of Halloween, I'm re-running one of my old flash fiction pieces. True Love was originally published at the Molotov Cocktail  back in 2010. Hope you enjoy it! * William waits outside my window every night. He hides in the bushes with his hunting knife, waiting for my parents to go to bed.... Continue Reading →

Shameless Spousal Promotion, part II

Picking up the Ghost has published! It's available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and lots of other book sellers. It's written by Tone Milazzo, a man who, through a series of coincidences and misadventures, happens to be married to me. Of course, this in no way colors my glowing recommendation of his book. I'm not... Continue Reading →


I read the “Missed Connections” section of the local weekly. That’s where hipsters express their undying lust through cryptic messages featuring bar names, band names and clothing labels. Often I imagine one of the less detailed and more passionate entries is about me. “Beautiful Girl Downtown: I see you every day and hope that someday... Continue Reading →

A Ride in the Country

Me and Bigguy are in the truck. I like the truck because it goes fast. I stick my head out the window and the wind is in my fur and my teeth. I bark at the wind! Bigguy tells me, “Shut up.”  Bigguy smells nervous. Maybe he is excited like me because we’re going to... Continue Reading →

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