Coming soon: The World Needs Bad Men

As many of you know, whenever I'm quiet I'm busy. Lately I've been very quiet because I've been very busy with my biggest project to date: a collection of essays on True Detective Season 1. I'm still at work on the final pieces of the manuscript, but the book will be coming out this summer... Continue Reading →


Halloween Flash: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

More macabre flash to keep you creepy until Halloween. I wrote this one about a year ago, but it hasn't been published anywhere. * As You Sow, So Shall You Reap He was screaming when we buried him and he was still screaming when he dug himself up two days later. Now we have to... Continue Reading →

San Diego Book Awards 2012

Saturday night Tone and I attended the San Diego Book Awards banquet for the second time. The first time we went was in 2009, when Tone’s manuscript for Picking Up the Ghost was a finalist in the unpublished novel category. This time the published version of Picking Up the Ghost was a finalist in the... Continue Reading →

Q&A: The Novel

Q: You’re writing a novel? A: Why yes I am, thanks for asking! Q: What’s it called? A: The working title is Snake Woman Rain Dance. Q: What’s it about? A:  Murder, Mexican folk magic, Aztec gods and wildfires Q: For reals? A: For reals. Q: How much do you have written? A: 50,000 words... Continue Reading →

List: Yelp Reviews of Old West Whore Houses

  Miss Kitty’s   (five stars) “Enjoyment is to be had in any of her fine lady-holes. Try them all!” Jolly Jane’s    (four stars) “Good selection of purty girls at a low price. Some has peckers too, but I don’t let that slow me down none.” The Oriental    (two stars) “Fancy furniture and such. The whorin’ weren’t too... Continue Reading →

Armageddon in Retrospect

Title: Armageddon in Retrospect Author: Kurt Vonnegut ISBN: 978-0-425-22689-6      I’m always wary of any posthumously published works by my favorite authors. That’s why I approached Armageddon in Retrospect, a collection of Kurt Vonnegut’s essays and short stories, with caution. Being a great writer isn’t just knowing what words to leave in a story, it’s... Continue Reading →

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